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Missouri: St. Louis

Whig Mullins, LCSW, RN

Treatments Offered

Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders,Trauma, and PTSD among others. We provide individual and group therapy for adults, couples, families, and adolescents.

Missouri: St. Louis

Sameera Malik, LCSW

Treatments Offered

Anorexia Nervosa, OCD, OCPD, Chronic Depression and Treatment Resistant Anxiety, Maladaptive Perfectionism

Missouri: St. Louis

Kirsten Gilbert, Ph.D.

Treatments Offered

Adolescents and young adults with eating disorders, depression and anxiety and other issues related to overcontrol

Montana: Missoula

Alison Cobb, PhD

  • 406/830-3069
  • 121 Hickory Street Suite 1, Missoula MT 59801
Nebraska: Omaha

Ellie Fields LPC, LIMHP

Treatments Offered

Complex trauma, PTSD, dissociation, depression, anxiety, panic, childhood sexual abuse

Nebraska: Omaha

Ann E. Potter, PhD

Treatments Offered

Complex Trauma, PTSD, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, childhood abuse and neglect

New Jersey: Central New Jersey

Beverly Mason, LCSW

Treatments Offered

Young adults, mood disorders, anxiety

New Jersey: Haddonfield

Lisa Twardzik

Treatments Offered

Depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders

New Jersey: Marlton

Amy Hoch, Psy.D.

Treatments Offered

Treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression

New Jersey: Middlesex and Monmouth Counties

Michelle Drapkin

Treatments Offered

Anxiety, Depression, Addictions

New Jersey: Montville

Ava M. Frotton

Treatments Offered

Eating disorders including anorexia, OCD, OCPD, depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, BPD and trauma. I work with teens and adults.

New Jersey: Rowan University

Lindsay Johnson

Treatments Offered

Depression, OCPD, Social Anxiety and other disorders of over-control