Health professionals

We work with coaches, counsellors, nurses, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers. Where possible, we encourage a team-based approach to learning RO DBT. Although suitable for independent practitioners, all of our courses emphasise a multi-disciplinary approach.

RO-DBT is a novel treatment specifically designed for patients with overcontrol, and does not require prior training in standard DBT. A majority of RO-DBT trainees are not standard-DBT trained.

RO-DBT Training

We presently offer two routes into RO-DBT.

Our introduction to RO DBT is a comprehensive introduction to RO DBT. It is suitable for all professionals working in the field of mental health and contributes 6 hours of Continuing Professional Development.

Our intensive training is a two-part fast-track programme, consisting of 2 x 5-day workshops.

RO-DBT Supervision

We offer supervision to delegates who have at least attended part 1 RO-DBT Intensive Training. Supervision can take place in person for individuals or entire teams, or via an online learning platform (WizIQ). All sessions and fees are arranged and agreed directly with the supervisor.

Contact details for supervisors will be made available on the online support website for delegates who have attended RO Intensive Training.

What do professionals say about using RO-DBT?

OpalFoodandBody have been doing self-enquiry work within their team:

I can't tell you how powerful the self-inquiry work has been for our staff. It has brought our staff closer and more aware of each other's growth edges. It has allowed us to know how to better support one another's tender spots as we treat our clients. Of course, this can't help but trickle down to our clients.

Watch their YouTube video here

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