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An Introduction to Radically Open DBT (East Lansing, MI)

Location Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, East Lansing, MI Date 19 Apr 2018Trainer Kristen Fritsinger, MSW, LICSWCo-Host Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Summit

Course Objectives

RO-DBT is a new transdiagnostic, evidence-based treatment for persons who suffer from a spectrum of disorders that are characterized by excessive self-control, which RO-DBT describes as over control. It is developed from 20+ years of translational research and clinical experience. It is indicated for those diagnosed with refractory depression, obsessive compulsive personality disorder, anorexia nervosa, and treatment resistant anxiety disorders. While some people lack emotional control and need interventions designed to enhance emotional and behavioral control, RO-DBT is designed to help clients relax rigid or inflexible control. RO-DBT views psychological health as comprising of three factors: openness, flexibility, and social connectedness. Radical openness represents the merger of these three factors and is the core philosophical principle in this treatment model. Two of the main goals in this treatment are to help clients learn to chill out and to increase a sense of connection to others. The presentation will provide an overview of the robust research which led to the development of this treatment. It will explain some of the theoretical foundations behind RO-DBT. And, it will give a brief overview of the primary targets and modes for doing this treatment in an outpatient setting. Participants will be able to: 1. Identify at least 2 of the theoretical foundations and research behind RO-DBT; and 2. Explain the definition of over-control.

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Training fees: $125 per person. The fee includes training materials, continental breakfast and lunch.

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