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RO DBT Intensive Derby/Nottingham – SOLD OUT

Location Derby/Nottingham, UK
Part 1
Date 5 Nov - 9 Nov 2018 APA Credits * 35Trainers Dr. Thomas Lynch, PhD, FBPsS & Dr. Pip Thomas, Dip. Clin. Psych., MACo-Host Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Part 2
Date 10 Jun - 14 Jun 2019 APA Credits * 35Trainers Dr. Thomas Lynch, PhD, FBPsS & Dr. Pip Thomas, Dip. Clin. Psych., MCo-Host Nottingham University
* credits based on attending all 5 days
Sold Out

Course Objectives

Price: Early bird rate: £2000 + VAT – for more detailed prices and discounts please see the Prices and Booking tab.

Our intensive training is a two-part fast-track programme at the intermediate training level (e.g., post-doctoral level training for psychologists,social workers, psychiatrists), consisting of 2 x 5-day workshops. After completing the intensive training, practitioners may choose to progress to advanced level training and supervision.

Pre-course reading: Delegates are required to read several texts prior to the course, see RO DBT Textbook and Skills Manual

Certificates: you will receive a certificate of completion after each part of the training, provided you have attended all 5 days of each training week; no exceptions will be made.

RO DBT Resources: you will receive 12 months of free access to our online RO DBT Resources. An invitation with your login details will be sent to you 3 months before the start of part 1.

Course overview

This intensive training provides a strong foundation in the theory and practice of RO DBT including:

  • A transdiagnostic approach to treatment
  • The neuroregulatory model
  • The bio-social theory for overcontrol
  • Treatment strategies for activation of the PNS social safety system
  • The importance of pro-social co-operative signalling – strategies and skills
  • Assessing overcontrol
  • Treatment structure
  • Radical Openness and self enquiry
  • Strategies for maintaining the OC client in therapy
  • Individualising treatment targets
  • RO states of mind
  • RO skills
  • Treating envy and bitterness
  • Role play and case studies
  • Micro-analytic supervision

Target audience: Apart from a professional qualification in a mental health or related field (e.g. psychology, psychiatry, social work, mental health nursing) there are no further prerequisites for the course. Previous training in standard DBT is not a requirement for the RO DBT intensive.

For a full list of learning objectives and an example of a typical training schedule, please click here.

Conflicts of interest: We don’t receive any direct commercial support for our training company Radically Open Ltd. However, Dr. Thomas Lynch, the RO DBT treatment developer and chief RO DBT trainer, receives royalty fees for the RO DBT Textbook and Skills Manual from New Harbinger publishers. He is married to Mrs Erica Smith-Lynch, co-owner and director or Radically Open Ltd.

Prices & Booking

Prices are for the complete 10 day intensive workshop (2 x 5 days).

  • Base price £2750 (Plus VAT)
  • With earlybird discount (45 days before event): £2000 (Plus VAT)
  • Student price: £1500 plus VAT (we will require proof of current studentship; applies to both full- and part-time students)
  • 10% discount per-person for groups of 6 or more

Please note: the textbook, skills manual, lunch & overnight accommodation not included in the price.

Early bird expiry date: September 28, 2018

Click here for our booking and cancellation policy

How to Register

Please click on the Book Today button and complete our registration form to sign up to this training.

Please note: by registering on one of our courses you commit to paying the invoice we will send you. The invoice should be paid within a month or before the early bird expiry date (if applicable), whichever is sooner. From UK and European customers we prefer bank transfers, US customers can pay online using credit card or PayPal.

If you are unable to pay the amount all at once, please get in touch with us ( so we can set up a payment plan for you.

Travel Information

Part 1, Derby

Centre for Research & Development, Ashbourne Centre, Kingsway Hospital, Derby

Part 2, Nottingham

Duncan MacMillan House, Porchester Rd, Nottingham NG3 6AA, UK
Conference room 1