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Trainers & Supervisors

Below you will find a list of approved RO DBT trainers and supervisors. Please contact them directly if you wish to organise supervision or a one-day training with them. Their contact details can be found by clicking on their photographs.

For intensive training (co-hosted or otherwise) please contact Erica Smith-Lynch.

Senior Management


Supervisors are able to provide in-person or online supervision. Typically they review a tape of a treatment session together with you and provide feedback and answer questions. Supervision can be accessed worldwide; the supervisors use online meeting systems and have flexible hours so they are not limited by time zones. If you want to get supervision, please contact a supervisor directly; their areas of expertise and contact details are listed in their individual profiles.


Senior Trainers

Senior Trainers lead Intensive and One-Day trainings


Trainers co-train Intensive Trainings alongside a Senior Trainer and may also lead One-Day Trainings

One Day Trainers

One-Day Trainers can be contacted directly to arrange one-day trainings in your local area; the locations and contact details of the trainers are listed in their individual profiles.