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Daphnée Archive

The Dreaded Group Project

“This will be a group project.”   I can’t think of any worst sentence that would leave an OC (overcontrolled) person frantically looking in all directions, desperate for an escape from this situation. After all, we’ve all been there. Since elementary school, we are taught to share, and to work in groups. There are many […]

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Discovering Overcontrol: a client’s story

When I first read the RO-DBT manual, I was blown away. In a sense, I felt comforted, knowing that I was not the only one who struggled with OC (overcontrol) tendencies. I remember reading descriptions of individuals who could benefit from the treatment, and I recall thinking, “Oh my god, that’s me!” Everything made more […]

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What your handwriting says about you: receiving feedback in RO DBT skills class

Last fall, I was lucky and privileged enough to participate in an RO-DBT skills class. When I think about the class, a lot of memories come to mind. However, the first one that pops up involves my instructors leading us through one of the exercises from the RO-DBT skills training manual. That day, we were […]

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An OC client’s peace of mind: color-coded highlighting and sticky notes

“What does RO-DBT stand for?” I asked, my ears perking up. Of course, I needed to know what the acronym stood for, immediately. After all, it was my common practice that whenever I heard a word I didn’t understand, I just had to learn its definition as soon as possible, even if it meant excusing […]

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