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Hope Arnold Archive

Say Goodbye to Paper Diary Cards for RO DBT

Whether you are new to Radically Open DBT (RO DBT), in the middle of therapy, or you’ve been through the whole program, you know that diary cards are an essential part of RO DBT.  They help track our behavior targets, including social signaling. One of the challenging parts of diary cards is that paper copies […]

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Busting the Loneliness Cycle

Here’s a great blog by Hope Arnold: Busting the Loneliness Cycle. “Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RODBT), thinks that the cure for loneliness is to build tribe, community, and connection,[…] So how do you start building a friend?” Read more here:  About the Author: Hope Arnold, LCSW, MA Hope Arnold is the owner of […]

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Learning How Not To Fall Apart by Being Radically Open

Practicing Radical Openness is life changing in many ways.  Radical Openness allows us to take responsibility for our actions (especially our mistakes), failures and grief without falling apart. If you’ve ever seen someone else fall apart, you might consider what your urge was in that moment?  Probably you wanted to swoop in and try to […]

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Pushing Through Pain: aka Too Much Impulse Control

I am in yoga class and have just been silently congratulating myself on my amazing Crow pose (resting my knees on my upper arms, feet up, with just my palms touching the ground).  I’m thinking how awesome I have become at this posture and really feel secure in it… and then, I fall.  Epic failure […]

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Being Kind to Perfection

Usually I am a superb driver, but with my sister and my nieces in the car, my level of distraction and excitement is through the roof.  We headed to dinner Sunday night at our favorite burger place and were discussing a store that just closed on the opposite side of the street. I began to […]

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