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Kristen Fritsinger Archive

Sneaky Work Strikes Again!

As a card carrying OC, I find reward in accomplishing tasks. Vacations and time off are a challenge. I’ve written book chapters in Hawaii and the outer banks of North Carolina, staring at my computer screen while breathtakingly beautiful beaches are just a few feet away. I’ve answered mundane emails while in Japan, and spent […]

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Yes, we have no bananas

As regular readers might know, I am traveling more these days with delivering intensive trainings in RO DBT.  It has been an absolute privilege and delight to train alongside Tom, Erica, Kristen and Sophie.  My mother in law commented prior to the last trip: “You sure have met some good friends on this journey, eh?” […]

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Yikes, you want me to do what? I’d rather wait until later

Are you the kind of person who gets really excited when a person hands you a gift, you open it immediately, and then you throw your hands in the air with joy over what you got (like my daughter in this picture)?  Or are you are the type of person who sets the gift aside […]

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