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North America Therapists

Arizona, Washington, UK

Michelli Simpson

Treatments Offered

Complex trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Perfectionism, Disorder of overcontrol, individuals, couples, and groups.

Arizona: Scottsdale

Amanda Kaplan, Psy.D

Treatments Offered

Outpatient and Individualized Intensive Outpatient Services for eating disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, posttraumatic stress, and disorders of overcontrol. Services include individual, family, and group psychotherapy for adolescent and adult clients. Currently offering a variety of outpatient groups including RO-DBT Skills Group for adults.

Arkansas: Lowell

Erika Nielsen, LPC, LMFT

Treatments Offered

Depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, social skill deficits related to autism and ADHD, personality disorders

Atlanta and Georgia

Tara Arnold, PhD

Treatments Offered

Outpatient services for eating disorders, anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship concerns. Services include individual, and group psychotherapy for teens and adults.

Austin, Texas

Jessica Fink, LCSW

Treatments Offered

Maladaptive overcontrol, PTSD, mood disorders, anxiety disorders

Austin, Texas (all of Texas with telehealth)

Elexia A. Gonzalez Lowe, LCSW

Treatments Offered

Anxiety, depression, trauma, multicultural, racialized stress, work issues, relationship issues, coming of age stress, grief, disorders of overcontrol. Services and other specialties include RO DBT and DBT individual and group psychotherapy for adults, EMDR, brainspotting, and performance coaching.


Dr. Martha Cravens, PSY24041

Treatments Offered

Individuals and Couples struggling with issues of over-control; couples and individual work


Chelsea Kuehl, LMFT, CATC-IV

Treatments Offered

Out patient services for individuals, couples, and families. Focusing on under and over controlled populations.

California : Los Angeles, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks

Margot Parker, M.S., LMFT

Treatments Offered

Outpatient services for disorders of over control, anxiety, depression, complicated grief, and relationship issues. Services include individual, couples and RO DBT skills classes for adult clients.

California; Long Beach

Shayla Patron

Treatments Offered

Outpatient Services for eating disorder, anxiety, depression, BPD, and disorders of over control. Our team is here to teach skills necessary to function in a world that can seem incredibly overwhelming at times. Through a combination of individual and group therapy you’ll learn to accept and subsequently change behaviors allowing you to better manage the challenges you face in your daily life. We offer individual, couples, and family therapy for adolescents and adults.

California: Camarillo, Ventura County

Aletheia Regier, MA, AMFT

Treatments Offered

LGBT+, non-traditional families, anxiety and depression in gifted children and teens, perfectionism, workaholics, adults with high functioning autism, individuals and families with special needs, standard DBT and RO-DBT

California: Georgia, Texas, New Jersey

Marinelle Reynolds, LCSW

Treatments Offered

Outpatient telehealth services for anxiety, depression, perfectionism, impostor syndrome, and disorders of overcontrol. Services include individual and group psychotherapy for adult clients.