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The pts we are using RO with have done a 180! They are so happy they have a treatment that is actually working for them.

Clinician from Virginia, US


I have found it to be very user-friendly. The patients themselves have said that they have found it very impactful... For me, I have found that it’s been very helpful to me to provide the therapy but also for my own personal life. RO DBT focuses in on social functioning and getting better relationships. Very few other therapeutic techniques teach patients actual skills — how to use their own body to help to them interact differently with and influence their environment. People pick the skills up fairly quickly.

Amy Gaglia

NHS Therapist and DBT specialist at East London Foundation Trust

It also made me think about us as clinicians... we inhibit our feelings to remain the calmest person in the room, when we may feel anything but. It seems crucial that we practice some radical openness with someone in our life to promote our own emotional health read more

Mark Sanbrook FRANZCP

Senior Staff Specialist Psychiatrist, Hornsby Mental Health Service Private Practice, Australia

I can't tell you how powerful the self-inquiry work has been for our staff. It has brought our staff closer and more aware of each other's growth edges. It has allowed us to know how to better support one another's tender spots as we treat our clients. Of course, this can't help but trickle down to our clients. read more