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Introduction to Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (San Antonio, TX)

Location San Antonio, TX Date 11 Feb 2019Trainer Karyn Hall, Ph.D.Co-Host UT Health Transitional Care Clinic

Course Objectives

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Radically Open-Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT) is a transdiagnostic treatment designed to address a spectrum of difficult-to-treat disorders sharing similar phenotypic and genotypic features associated with maladaptive over-control—such as anorexia nervosa, chronic depression, and obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

Over-control has been linked to social isolation, aloof and distant relationships, cognitive rigidity, highly detailed focused processing, risk aversion, strong needs for structure, inhibited emotional expression, and hyper-perfectionism.

While resting on the dialectical underpinnings of standard DBT, the therapeutic strategies, core skills, and theoretical perspectives in RO-DBT often substantially differ. For example, RO-DBT contends that emotional loneliness secondary to low openness and social-signaling deficits represents the core problem of over-control, not emotion dysregulation.

RO-DBT also significantly differs from other treatment approaches, most notably by linking the communicative functions of emotional expression to the formation of close social bonds and via skills targeting social-signaling and changing neurophysiological arousal.

At the conclusion of this live presentation, participants should be able to:

  1. Explain a new bio-social theory for OC
  2. Describe the RO-DBT treatment structure
  3. Describe new RO-DBT treatment strategies designed to enhance willingness for self-inquiry and flexible responding.
  4. Describe the RO-DBT treatment hierarchy
  5. Describe a novel treatment mechanism positing open expression = trust = social connectedness
  6. List examples of strategies designed to improve pro-social cooperative signaling via activation of the parasympathetic nervous system’s social-safety system

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For bookings and more information, please email Dr. David Roberts ( directly.

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For bookings and more information, please email Dr. David Roberts ( directly.

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