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My name is Elizabeth and I completed RO DBT in 2020. I wanted to send a message of thanks - this treatment was life changing (and I believe lifesaving) for me. Two years later, I'm seeing so many positive effects. I have increased social connections, emotional expression, and motivation to recover. I struggled with an eating disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, OCD, and anxiety for much of my life and RO DBT has helped me in my journey toward peace. Thank you sincerely for all the work that has gone into making this available.


Service User

Please tell the good professor that I used his radically open system to defeat Asperger's Syndrome...I'm highly oppositional after being in the system for 20-plus years, but my RODBT therapist held it together long enough for me to teach myself essentially. I bought the practitioner's copy... Your insight on emotional loneliness was very helpful as was the concept of urge surfing.


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Tom is a fantastic trainer and does well to hold my attention (I struggle to concentrate!) I can’t wait to put this into practice. Given the circumstances (pandemic) it’s hard the only thing that would improve it would be f2f so group work and discussions could be held.

Level 2 Participant

Psychologist, 20+ years of experience

I found the RO-DBT Intro webinar really informative and took lots away that will influence my practice.

My experience was great. Our whole team stepped up our game noticeably over the six sessions. It was very helpful. Karyn modelled the RO approach while attending to all our questions and we came away from it with a noticeable improvement in our skill-levels and confident we will do this again in the future. If anyone is considering doing this, I feel that expert-lead consultation is the single most helpful way to learn and integrate RO DBT.

Team Consult Member, LMFT

RO Team Consult

It was great, one of the better webinars attended in terms of video quality. The presenter was great and really knew the topic, I learnt a lot theoretically and practically.

The RO blended learning course is a well put together and well thought out programme. I have learnt a lot about over control and how it manifests in different individuals. The course has enabled me to understand people who exhibit high levels of control, and has helped me begin to learn how to support these individuals. The course itself is very comprehensive. I was initially worried that an online course would be less intensive, or that it would be too brief, but this has not been the case. The course is interesting, and as you would expect from anything RO-DBT related, filled with mischief! This helped to keep the content engaging, and allowed me to get a sense of the overall spirit of the therapy.

Luke, Level 1 and 2 Participant

Social worker & Specialist practitioner in personality disorders

Overall, the material was presented well and examples that were given were incredibly helpful. I do not think there is anything I would change at this time.

It was a pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to interact with Karyn Hall during expert-led consult. This training allows anyone with hands on experience in RO-DBT to take their knowledge, experience and understanding to the next level. Karyn provided honest and straightforward feedback to participants that was timely and beneficial to both the individual clinician and to other participants virtually attending the training sessions. During the Expert-led team consult, Karyn highlighted and recognized individual strengths while at the same time provided support and insight to areas where clinicians may require more development. My experience with both Karyn and the Expert-Lead RO-DBT Team Consultation has been invaluable for both my clinical training and professional growth.

Gregory A. Peebles

Anxiety Specialist, Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute, Center for OCD and Anxiety Related Disorders (COARD)

Thoroughly and thoughtfully prepared and quite accurate to the challenges I currently face in my learning curve.

When our team started working with Kristen Fritsinger, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I had taken the RO-DBT intensive, loved the material, and wanted to translate learning to our DBT Eastside Team in a quick and adherent manner. Before we started I worried that Kristen, being an RO-DBT expert, might tell us that “no way” were we ready to use RO to treat OC clients without ALL of us taking the intensive first. What a relief it was that Kristen was SO FLEXIBLE and OPEN with us and allowed our team’s expertise to build over time! And wow, it was great timing that the online learning launched not long after that, so other team members have been able to access the materials and resources I received in the intensive. Now, two years after my own training, we have a solid RO-DBT Team and Program at DBT Eastside, offering 6 RO classes for Adults, Teens and Parents. That would not have been possible without Kristen’s support and guidance.

Mary D Erickson MA LMHC

DBT Eastside - Bellevue, WA

It was an extremely rich learning experience and I could start using some of the concepts with my patients. I’m excited to go deeper using RODBT’s full framework.

I would definitely give the expert-led consult team 5 stars. My tribe made this an informative, thought provoking and a very enjoyable experience. I felt so much support from my team. It was refreshing to be vulnerable without being self-conscious about others’ reactions or have worries about being judged. Karyn was so knowledgeable and very available for any questions we had in between our consultation days. We were so lucky to have Karyn as our leader. I told her she was the wind beneath my wings. Being part of a team, I can say it definitely accelerated my comfort level, and confidence, to provide RO to my OC clients. Viewing tapes of our clients was invaluable and gave me much more insight into social signaling and how I need to navigate my sessions as a clinician. So, I can describe my experience in a word borrowed from one of the teens I see- Superfrickenfantastic! Thanks Team!!!

Roy Chancey, LCSW

Therapist at Hillside Inc., Atlanta GA

I appreciated the presenters’ expertise and their collaboration in discussion. Sending the structured interview guide was very helpful, too.

First blended leaning course and loved that I could complete this at my own pace; fit this in around other things; rewind and listen again to clarify something. Tom was very engaging so easy to learn from his teaching in this format.

Level 1 Participant

Psychological Therapist (RMN), 20+ years of experience

Excellent intro to RO-DBT. Exactly what I was looking for.

Previously I had clients who experienced extreme, unpleasant and difficult to manage emotions and who use target behaviors to help them cope as good candidates for DBT. And sometimes DBT does not work as well as I would have hoped. I did not know why. Super eye-opening that both OC and UC people can have these manifestations and this different approach is MUCH better able to frame and address the drivers of OC misery. I am stoked! Cant wait to finish all the training and start offering it! Beautiful, meaningful work Dr Lynch!

Level 1 Participant

Mental health practitioner

The presentation was professional and informative and delivered with playfulness.

I’m so grateful to have been able to do my RO-DBT training online! As a therapist that focuses on treating eating disorders and concurrent conditions, RO-DBT has been extremely helpful in treating my more restrictive, controlled clients – especially those with concurrent anxiety, depression and/or OCD. When things locked down over the COVID-19 pandemic, I was so concerned I would not be able to continue with my RO-DBT training. When I found out there was an online option available, I was SO relieved. The online trainings were really easy to do from home, brought to life the concepts from the texts, and help me better understand how to apply the protocols. The online format made the experience really accessible too – so I am able to start using the treatment ASAP, something that was really important to me. I was nervous that the online training just wouldn’t be the same as in-person options and, while I only did online training so I can’t compare, I am certainly not walking away feeling I have missed out on anything!

Joelle Anderson, MA, RP, CCC

Kernel of Wisdom, Level 1 and 2 Participant

The content is excellent and highly applicable to my practice. The videos were easy to watch and follow along with, and I appreciated having the page numbers for the content in the books to review.