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RO DBT Newsletter March 2020

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RO DBT Newsletter August 2019

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Busting the Loneliness Cycle

Here’s a great blog by Hope Arnold: Busting the Loneliness Cycle. “Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RODBT), thinks that the cure for loneliness is to build tribe, community, and connection,[…] So how do you start building a friend?” Read more here:

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The Unhelpful Helper

As we know maladaptive social signals are behaviors that can be witnessed by others in such a way that they keep us out of the tribe.   In RO DBT social signals are posited as a unique and powerful mechanism of change.  Social signaling targets are often habits, something we have done for a long time […]

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Using Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) To Treat Problems Of Overcontrol

Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT), developed by Dr. Thomas R. Lynch, is a new treatment that has been developed and tested to address excessive self-control, or overcontrol [1]. RO DBT is a transdiagnostic treatment indicated for patients with diagnoses of chronic depression, treatment-resistant anxiety disorders, anorexia nervosa, autism spectrum disorders, and Cluster A and C personality […]

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The Secret Key

I want to get out of here. I was at a book event that included one of my favorite authors.  I had been invited by good friends of mine and I was thrilled at the prospect of seeing Glennon Doyle Melton in person. The evening, however, was going much longer than I had anticipated and […]

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Signaling Trust

The other morning, as I was drinking my coffee and reading the news, I came across an article describing how many parents are now monitoring, and yes controlling, their college kids’ movements via the app Life360.  I was somewhat horrified reading the article, but could understand the pull. I lean OC and began to learn […]

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OC Approach coping out of control!

I would like to think that I am not “into” my phone.  And I don’t mean the rotary phone in my house that we wow the neighbourhood kids with 🙂  I am referring to my cell phone.  Perhaps I have some secret pride about this, BTW, but I guess it is not so secret if […]

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Doing Flexible-Mind REVEALS in the heat of the moment

Funny enough, one of my favorite things to do with my partner is ride in the car.  Anywhere, everywhere; the longer the better. The ride gives us ample opportunity to talk and enjoy each other’s company with minimal distractions. However, one day it also proved to be an opportunity to practice my RO DBT skills. […]

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From Rivals to Friends

I grew up with several sisters, and we were all very competitive in nature. I have distinct memories of the ways that we tried to gain advantage over one another and perceive that we were “winning.” We would make every little thing into a competition. Our contests ranged from who could arrange food on our […]

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Yes, we have no bananas

As regular readers might know, I am traveling more these days with delivering intensive trainings in RO DBT.  It has been an absolute privilege and delight to train alongside Tom, Erica, Kristen and Sophie.  My mother in law commented prior to the last trip: “You sure have met some good friends on this journey, eh?” […]

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Learning How Not To Fall Apart by Being Radically Open

Practicing Radical Openness is life changing in many ways.  Radical Openness allows us to take responsibility for our actions (especially our mistakes), failures and grief without falling apart. If you’ve ever seen someone else fall apart, you might consider what your urge was in that moment?  Probably you wanted to swoop in and try to […]

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