Courtney Ward Psy.D., HSPP

One-Day Trainer in Indianapolis

Disciplina Psychology

Cargo Profissionaln Clinical psychologist at the Woodview Psychology Group

Especialização personality disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, teens and adults

Dr. Ward is a member of Woodview Psychology Group, a group practice in Indianapolis, Indiana that specializes in DBT and RO-DBT programs.

Dr. Ward graduated from the University of Indianapolis in August 2014 with her Doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

Dr. Ward works with adolescents and adults and has completed intensive training with Thomas Lynch, PhD, the developer of RO-DBT. She participated in the RO-DBT Scholar's Program and is currently a senior clinician. Dr. Ward provides individual RO-DBT therapy for adolescents and adults, and leads adolescent and adult skills classes.

Contact: Please contact Courtney directly for enquiries about one-day trainings via