Kirsten McAteer MA, LPC

Supervisor & One-day Trainer in Portland, OR

Disciplina Psychology

Cargo Profissionaln Co-founder and Executive Director – Abri Radically Open DBT, Adjunct Faculty – Lewis & Clark College

Especialização Eating Disorders (adults and adolescents), Anxiety and mood disorders including trauma

Kirsten McAteer, MA, LPC is a therapist and eating disorder specialist in Portland, OR.  In March of 2019, she opened (with fellow senior Radically Open DBT (RO DBT) clinician LiLin Hally, LCSW) Abri Radically Open DBT – a RO DBT clinic in Portland that offers individual therapy and classes for adults and adolescents. Kirsten is a past Chair of the Columbia River Eating Disorder Network, and was, up until 2016, Coordinator of Lewis & Clark College’s Eating Disorder Certificate Program, where she still teaches occasionally as an adjunct.  Prior to moving into private practice and then opening Abri, she was the manager of the Portland DBT Institute’s Path to Mindful Eating Program and then Clinical Director of a partial hospitalization program for eating disorders in Portland.  She was among the first group of US clinicians intensively trained in RO DBT and has been part of an active RO DBT consult group since 2015. In addition to RO DBT, Kirsten has received extensive training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for trauma and EMDR – and also sees clients for EMDR at her practice.

Contact: please email Kirsten directly to arrange supervision or a one-day training via  For more information on Abri – visit