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What does the RO DBT Training qualify you to do?

Below, you can read more about what you can do after our attending our training program.


1        You are qualified to

1.1       Teach RO Skills to your Patients
You can start teaching your clients RO skills! You are allowed to make copies of the handouts and worksheets from the skills manual so you can give these to your clients during skills classes. 

1.2       Share your Experiences of RO with Other Professionals and Clients
You are free to give short informal presentations to others using materials that are in the public domain, such as our research papers. We also provide Powerpoint presentations via the Resources (see top menu item). Please do not share the Training Slides, Textbook or Skills Manual with others without our permission (but feel free to ask, we’re happy to help as long as we know what it’s about!). 

1.3       Do Research With RO
RO-DBT is an evidence-based treatment. We highly value independent research about RO, and we encourage you to evaluate the effectiveness of your service or any other research question you may have. We can also help or advise you, just get in touch!

1.4       Request Supervision to get even Better at RO
We have several trained Supervisors who are able to provide micro-supervision and/or team consultations. Typically, the supervisor watches a treatment tape together with you and gives you hands-on feedback and advice. Our list of endorsed RO Supervisors can be found here.

2        You are not qualified to:

2.1       Provide Professional RO Training and/or Supervision
Attending RO DBT Training does not qualify you to train other clinicians in RO. Becoming an RO Trainer or Supervisor takes time and dedication. We do not believe that completing this training enables or qualifies you to train others without receiving supervision on this from our team. Our trainers and supervisors attend regular Senior Clinician Meetings and receive on-going micro-supervision to ensure the highest quality of teaching.  

We have a ‘Trainer and Supervisor Pathway’ at Radically Open and would be happy to talk to you about this if this is something you are interested in. 

2.2       Share RO Training Materials
The slides and training materials you receive from us are intended for your own learning and to help you treat your patients. They are not to be shared or copied for other clinicians. The exception is for your clients: you are free to make copies of the handouts and worksheets to facilitate skills training with clients.