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All therapists listed here have completed or are in the process of completing our official RO DBT training.

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RO DBT Canada - Nicole Little

Services Offered

Individual and skills classes, and supervision.

Dr. Jacquie Cohen, RPsych

Services Offered

Individual therapy available to clients through the public mental health care system. Skills classes not currently available.

Melissa Houser, PhD, C.Psych.

Services Offered

Treatment of children, adolescents, adults, and families. Most of my clinical work currently involves treating eating disorders and disorders of under and overcontrol. I provide individual RODBT to adolescents and adults, run one or more weekly skills classes, and have been incorporating some family RO work as well.

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denise lawee

Services Offered

Individual therapy: trauma informed, queer positive those with a history of overcontrolled temperaments, social anxiety and perfectionism