RO DBT for Line/Support Staff

The therapeutic relationship between nursing and line/support staff and patients in intensive mental health care settings plays a pivotal role in achieving positive outcomes (Hartley, Raphael, Lovel, & Berry, International Journal of Nursing Studies, 2020). Given the extensive time support staff spend with patients, they can significantly influence a patient's treatment progress, and need to understand and support the therapeutic principles and protocols of a treatment in order to:

  • provide appropriate assistance and interventions in case of emergencies or crises.
  • reinforce therapeutic techniques and promote patient progress.
  • maintain consistency in treatment delivery.

This series of on-demand courses is intended for mental health support/line staff who will not provide RO DBT themselves but who need to know enough about the treatment to be able to:

  • explain RO DBT to prospective clients and/or their family members
  • understand the language and behaviors used by RO DBT-trained therapists.
  • support and strengthen RO DBT principles and techniques in everyday interactions with patients.
  • understand why RO DBT therapists use teasing and silliness with their clients.
  • manage common maladaptive behaviors such as pushbacks and don’t hurt me's.
  • understand what type of clients may benefit from RO DBT.
  • support RO DBT-therapists with assessing overcontrolled clients for triage and referral purposes.

The series is divided into two parts. You can choose to complete one or both, depending on your needs. More details are listed below.

Each course ends with a short knowledge test and evaluation form. If you answer 80% of the quiz questions correctly, you will be able to download a certificate of completion. This is not an APA or ACE-ASWB accredited course: the certificate will not list CE or CPD credits.

Please note, all prices are in US Dollar unless otherwise indicated.