RO DBT Therapist Training

We offer two training pathways, each consisting of three levels, depending on the skill level you need:

  1. RO DBT Practitioner: all the knowledge and skills required to deliver the recommended outpatient RO DBT model comprising individual treatment sessions and RO Skills Training Classes.
  2. RO Skills Instructor: a slimmed-down version of the full practitioner training designed for clinicians who only wish to lead or co-lead RO Skills Classes. Look for ‘for Skills Instructors’ in the product name.

Level 1 is the same for both pathways, but Levels 2 and 3 are slimmed down for the RO Skills Instructor Pathway. More details can be found here: Our RO DBT Therapist Training Pathways.

We offer package deals at a discounted prices when buying multiple levels at once, see below.

TRAINING UPGRADE OPTIONS: For those of you who would like live interaction with a trainer, we offer the option to join a team consult to get personal guided learning as you go through the webinars. For more information, see Training Upgrade Options.

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