Terms & Conditions

For in-person events, all payments must be received at least 10 working days before the event start date.

Mailing List

When purchasing one of our courses, you will automatically be added to a mailing list that sends instructional emails explaining how to make the most use of the course you have purchased. These emails contain tips and tricks about our courses and the resources you have access to. We will not spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time.

These are not marketing emails. If you wish to receive updates about our products, new blogs, and upcoming events, you will need to subscribe to our marketing email list via https://www.radicallyopen.net/join-our-mailing-list.html

Refund Policy

In-person Training Events: Registration fees (minus administration costs of $100 + additional credit card charges if applicable) will be refunded to participants who contact us in writing or via email to Roelie Hempel postmarked no less than 1 month before the training begins. No refunds will be made thereafter. The place may be deferred to the following training, but no refund will be made in case of cancellation for the deferred training. A colleague may be substituted at no extra charge if we are notified at least two business days before the training. In the case of multiple-part in-person training (such as intensive training consisting of parts 1 and 2), if for any reason a person has attended the part 1 but is unable to attend the part 2, we will offer substitute dates and locations, but no refunds will be made and no transfers to other persons are allowed.

Online courses and on-demand webinars are non-refundable. Once the course is purchased/accessed, no refund will be granted regardless of the reason. All online training courses are tested extensively on all types of systems, browsers, and devices. We can assist you to get started with the course, if you are having any trouble.

Live webinars: If you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances after you have already purchased a ticket, we will issue a coupon code of the same value for attendance at the next, similar live event.

Exchange Allowed: A participant will be allowed to exchange with another course of equivalent or lesser value, if the course is not accessed within 15 days of purchase. The tuition difference will not be refunded for transfers into a course of lesser value. Transfers to courses of greater value must include payment of additional tuition with the transfer request. Exchange requests must be received by email at support@radicallyopen.net. No exchange will be granted if the course has already been accessed.

Multiple payments for the same course: In case a participant has made an extra payment for the same course (same course bought multiple times), a refund will be issued upon request. There may be a small transaction cost charged by credit card processor or bank per transaction. If you have any questions, please contact us before making a purchase.

Online Courses: Refunds (minus administration costs of $100 and the credit card or bank processing fee) will be made if a participant contacts us in writing within 15 days of purchasing the course provided they have not accessed any of the materials online. In the case that a participant has already accessed the online teaching materials, no refunds will be made.

Workshops: If a participant in unable to attend the in-person workshop that is part of the blended learning course, they will be offered alternative training dates, but no refunds will be made.

Team Consults: In the event that a participant is unable to attend the team consult dates they registered for, they may contact us in writing and alternative dates will be offered in the first instance, provided that the entire group is able and willing to reschedule. Refunds (minus administration costs of $50 and the credit card or bank processing fee) will be made if a participant contacts us in writing within 15 days of purchasing the course provided the team consult meeting have not yet started. In the event that a participant has already attended one or more meetings but their only client unexpectedly drops out of treatment, they may defer their meeting dates and join the remaining consult team meetings at a later time if these are offered.

Course Expiry: Expired courses, or participants who fail their final exam (if applicable) are not eligible for credit or refund of any kind, regardless of time spent in the course or time remaining.


We know we are not perfect. But we aim to be. That is why we have a complaints procedure. Sometimes we can put things right; sometimes we can only explain ourselves and apologise. But we do want to learn from our mistakes. What you tell us helps to improve our service to you.

We will treat your complaint confidentially, seriously and quickly. You may request a copy of our complaints procedures at any time.

Let us know if you are unhappy and give us a chance to put things right. If you are not satisfied, the next step is to make a formal complaint by writing or emailing us explaining what went wrong. You can find our contact details at the bottom of this webpage.


RO DBT Online B.V. makes no warranties, express or implied, as to any matter whatsoever, without limitation, condition, originality, or accuracy of research, translations, or any invention(s), instruction(s) or product(s), whether tangible or intangible, conceived, discovered, or developed for or under this agreement; or the ownership, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose of the research, instruction or any such invention or product.

RO DBT Online B.V. will not be liable for any direct, consequential, or other damages suffered by clinicians or patients, any licensee, or any others resulting from the use of the research, translations, instruction, consultation or any such invention or product. RO DBT Online B.V. makes no representation or warranty regarding actual or potential infringement of patents, copyrights or other intellectual property or third parties, and clinicians and patients acknowledge that the avoidance of such infringement in the use of the products, processes, instruction and translated materials related to this research and instruction will remain the responsibility of clinicians and patients.

Responsibilities of Clinicians

Responsible for Patient:

  • Clinicians receiving training and consultation as part of this agreement shall continue to be fully and solely responsible for the care, evaluation, and therapy of its patients.
  • Any training and consultation services provided by RO DBT Online B.V. are not intended as clinical supervision and such consultation does not replace the clinical judgment, responsibilities and/or supervisory responsibilities and requirements of the clinicians receiving training and consultations, nor their employees.