Learning How Not To Fall Apart by Being Radically Open

Practicing Radical Openness is life changing in many ways.  Radical Openness allows us to take responsibility for our actions (especially our mistakes), failures and grief without falling apart.

If you’ve ever seen someone else fall apart, you might consider what your urge was in that moment?  Probably you wanted to swoop in and try to fix the person or situation.  Yet we can’t fix anyone else. Falling apart is a social signal to other people we are too weak, hurt or incompetent to take responsibility for our lives, choices and behaviors. […] So what do we do instead of signaling that we are falling apart?

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About the Author: Hope Arnold, LCSW, MA

Hope Arnold is the owner of RO DBT Denver and co-developer of the RO DBT App. &nbsp;She specializes in treatment of OCPD, chronic depression and anxiety and female autism.