Videos & Podcasts


  1. Loneliness, Hope at Last: Listen to this podcast
    in which Dr David Maynard interviews Dr Thomas Lynch and Erica Smith-Lynch to find out if RO DBT might be helpful for you.
  2. Emotional Overcontrol: Listen to this podcast
    if you are you someone who's good at getting things done, following the rules and planning ahead. These can be wonderful traits to have but you may notice that focusing on doing everything right interferes with relaxing, enjoying life and connecting with others. This is known as “emotional over-control” or “OC” and today Marielle sits down with Neill Howell, MFT, to talk about it.
  3. In Control Or Over Controlled?
    In this podcast hosted by Isa Robinson from '50 Shades of Food & Nutrition', Dr Ian Wootton covers Over & under control; Culture & control; social signals in different sides of control; ways that COVID-19 lockdown praised over control; the bell shaped curve of control & psychological well being; the importance of fun in food & movement; DBT vs RO DBT; Eating disorders and disordered eating & RO DBT; and how to start becoming "unstuck".
  4. RO-DBT (Part I)
    Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RODBT) is a new exciting transdiagnostic therapeutic approach to treating disorders of overcontrol. In this episode Rafael Coira, MD, JD and James Sherer, MD introduce the basic concepts of RODBT and explain why it's so important for us to know about it.


(for more videos, visit the RO DBT Playlist on YouTube)

Dr. Thomas Lynch explains why we need a new treatment for people with too much self-control
Thomas Lynch, Erica Smith-Lynch, Kevin Kloosterman and Natasha Parker discuss the beginnings of the treatment
Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher from the Eating Recovery Center talks about RO DBT for their clients with eating disorders
Ian Wootton, Head of Psychology at Priory's Secure Services, discusses RO DBT and the benefits it is having to patients at Stockton Hall
Kevin Kloosterman explains the bio-social theory of RO DBT during an interview with Natasha Parker on Mormon Mental Health Facebook