The Radically Open Institute

The Radically Open Institute provides oversight of all therapist, supervisor and trainer pathways as well as various research and developmental initiatives and committees

The Radically Open (RO) Institute is the clinical/research/educational (not for profit) branch of our organization and is structurally and functionally separate from our training/dissemination side (for profit).

The RO institute oversees new initiatives, steering committees, and advisory boards, including but not limited to:



  • RO Research Steering Committee
  • Practice-Based Research Initiative

Clinical Work

  • RO Adolescent Steering Committee
  • RO Forensic Initiative
  • RO for Couples
  • RO for Families

Director: Dr Thomas Lynch

Dr Thomas Lynch is the director of the RO Institute. He is the developer of the blended learning program as well as other training materials. He is the author of the RO DBT treatment manual titled "Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Disorders of Overcontrol" as a well as the RO DBT Skills Training Manual (2018; Context Press).