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Stefanie Fisher, LCSW-S

Texas: Houston & Katy

Treatments Offered

Adolescents and Adults, Chronic Depression and Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Excessive Perfectionism, Interpersonal Struggles, Trauma and Adjustment Stress

Penny Kruger, LCSW

Texas: Austin

Treatments Offered

We treat adults, adolescents, and families providing adherent DBT and RO-DBT treatment

Brett Dowdy, Psy.D.

Ohio (many telehealth options via PsyPact)

Treatments Offered

Depression, Anxiety, & Personality Issues Adults in outpatient and residential

Erika Nielsen, LPC, LMFT

Arkansas: Lowell

Treatments Offered

Depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, social skill deficits related to autism and ADHD, personality disorders

Laura Mueller, LMSW, ACSW

Michigan: West Bloomfield

Treatments Offered

Outpatient treatment for adults specializing in RO-DBT and DBT. Individual therapy and group skills class for personality disorders, disorders of emotional over control, mood disorders, and anxiety.

Bryce Doehne, Psy.D.

Oregon: Portland

Treatments Offered

Outpatient evidence-based treatment for chronic depression, treatment-resistant anxiety, obsessive compulsive personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, and maladaptive perfectionism. I offer individual and group psychotherapy services for adult clients.

Peggy Billeaudeau


Treatments Offered

Outpatient for eating disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, PTSD and trauma

Haleh Kashani, PhD

California: Marin County

Treatments Offered

Anorexia Nervosa, Depression, anxiety disorders

Plum Behavioral Health Services: Christine Butler, LPCC (Minnesota)

Minnesota: Duluth & Hinckley

Treatments Offered

Depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders, and co-occurring substance use disorders, in adolescents and adults.

Katie Lenahan, LCPC

Illinois: Chicago

Treatments Offered

Outpatient therapy services for eating disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, OCD, and disorders of overcontrol. Services include individual and group psychotherapy for young adult and adult clients.

Ashley Baird Urbanski

Minnesota: Metro Area, Fridley

Treatments Offered

Anorexia Nervosa (as well as all other eating disorder diagnoses), Depression, Anxiety

Samantha Winton, PhD, CEDS-S

Florida: Saint Petersburg / Tampa Bay Area

Treatments Offered

Outpatient individual and family therapy for eating disorders, food related anxiety, body image, perfectionism, professional burnout, and disorders of overcontrol.

Becky Martin, LCPC

Illinois: Chicago

Treatments Offered

Outpatient treatment for individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, and disorders of overcontrol.

Joann Hendelman, PhD, MA, BSN, RN, FAED, CEDS-S, CEDRN

West Palm Beach, FLORIDA

Treatments Offered

Eating Disorders, adolescent issues

Colleen McClanahan

Ohio: Cincinnati area

Treatments Offered

Outpatient services for anxiety, depression, severe and persistent mental illness, serving adults.

Rose Hill Center

Michigan: Holly

Treatments Offered

DBT and RO DBT Major Depression, OCPD, High Functioning Autism Spectrum, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder

Opal:Food+Body Wisdom

Washington: Seattle

Treatments Offered

RO-DBT; Partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient for eating disorders; Anxiety and mood disorders also treated; Apartment for out of town clients available. Nutrition philosophy is Health at Every Size; Specialize in working with athletes with food and body concerns

Northwest Passage Prairieview

Wisconsin: Frederic

Treatments Offered

Residential treatment for female adolescents ages 12-17; RO-DBT, DBT; Not an eating disorder program, would certainly accept someone with history of this but not as their primary issue at the time

Center for Success and Independence

Texas: Houston

Treatments Offered

Adolescent Residential and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) with RO DBT, standard DBT, EMDR of Addictive Disorders, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression.

Core Counseling and Consulting

Missouri: St. Louis

Treatments Offered

RO-DBT; ODBT, Gottman, Mediation, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Abri Radically Open DBT

Oregon: Portland

Treatments Offered

RO-DBT; Outpatient clinic

Midwest Counseling & Diagnostics

Illinois: Chicago

Treatments Offered

Outpatient group practice; RO DBT, Standard DBT, ERP; eating disorders, addiction, chronic depression and anxiety

Melrose Center

Minnesota: Minneapolis

Treatments Offered

Outpatient, IOP, PHP, Intensive Residential, Residential; Eating Disorders (all EDs including ARFID and BED); RODBT, DBT, CBT-E, FBT, ACT, CBT-AR, EMDR, CBT, CPT; Adults, youth, families

The Attachment & Trauma Center of Nebraska

Nebraska: Omaha

Treatments Offered

Outpatient, private practice; RO-DBT, DBT, EMDR, Integrative team tx for children and adolescents