RO Clinical Scholar Awardees

The RO Clinical Scholar program is designed to provide a mechanism for identifying talented individuals who are RO trained (via completion of the Blended Learning program or our former intensive training format) and who have the potential for contributing to the RO mission—including research, training, and/or supervision.

The award includes a 2-year program teaching clinicians the skills and knowledge needed to achieve RO Senior Clinician status, as well as a frameable award certificate and a RO Clinical Scholar badge that can be added to email signatures and personal websites. We view our scholars as future trailblazers, helping to ensure the principles of RO are carried forward in ways that are adherent and sustainable.

RO Clinical Scholar Awards - November 2023 submission

The Radically Open Institute is pleased to announce the scholars for 2024-2026 have been selected. The new RO DBT scholars are:

  • Tanya Gilmartin
  • Molly Kosar
  • Luke Jordan
  • Kayla Jessop
  • Rebecca Ciatto
  • Larry Dahmer
  • Graciela Aurea Valderrama Garcia
  • Virva Sankala
  • Mari Sampaio
  • Tanya Franic
  • Melissa Houser
  • Peter King
  • Molly Kosar
  • Michelli Simpson

We recognize each scholar for their work and dedication that led to their acceptance into the RO Scholar Program. Congratulations!

The RO Scholars come from many different countries including England, Finland, America, South America, Australia, Canada and Portugal. We are looking forward to an exciting two years filled with deep learning and practice of RO DBT—plus a lot of fun!

RO Clinical Scholar Awards - January 2020 submission

We are excited to announce the following people have been granted the RO Clinical Scholar award for the January 2020 submission:

  • Danielle Doucette
  • Jill Eatough
  • Julianna Gorder
  • Amy Hammett
  • Neil Howell
  • Gregory Peebles
  • Becky Pond
  • Jamie Martin
  • Lauren Martin
  • Maggie Ritnour
  • Whig Mullins

We received 11 applications from clinicians based in the States and the UK and the caliber of the candidates was so high that all were granted Scholar status.

RO Clinical Scholar Awards - June 2019 submission

We are excited to announce the following people have been granted the RO Clinical Scholar award for the June 2019 submission:

  • Abby Brown
  • Pam Christy
  • Jennifer Edwards
  • Alvaro Guevara
  • Shadee Hardy
  • Rebecca Hobbs
  • Virginia O'Hayer
  • Katie Roeder
  • Courtney Ward

The caliber of applications was extremely high, with therapists from the UK and USA and a variety of clinical backgrounds. We wish all of them the best of luck as they move forward on their respective paths to becoming senior clinicians, supervisors and trainers.