Amy Hoch PsyD

One-Day Trainer in Glassboro, NJ

Discipline Psychology

Professional Position Rowan University, Associate Director of Counseling & Psychological Services

Expertise Trauma, Adolescents and Young Adults

Amy Hoch, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist in New York and New Jersey.  She is the Associate Director of Counseling & Psychological Services at Rowan University.  She specializes in work with adolescents and young adults who have experienced trauma and/or engage in high risk behaviour.  She is trained to adherence in DBT and Trauma Focused CBT for which she is a certified trainer.  Dr. Hoch has attended several 10-day RODBT intensive trainings and sits on the US Senior Clinician Team.  She oversees the RODBT program at Rowan University and has presented on RODBT at conferences and universities.

Contact: Please contact Amy directly for enquiries about one-day trainings via