Hope Arnold LCSW, MA

Supervisor & One-Day Trainer in Houston, Texas

Discipline Social work and Psychology

Professional Position Therapist and Owner at Simply RO DBT

Expertise Chronic Depression, Chronic Anxiety, Personality disorders (OCPD, Avoidant, Dependent, Paranoid), PTSD, Somatization, Eating Disorders

Hope Arnold, LCSW, MA is a Supervisor and Trainer in Radically Open DBT (RO DBT). She began her RO DBT training with Dr. Tom Lynch, treatment developer, in 2016. Hope continues to attend intensive trainings throughout the country and receives regular supervision from Dr. Lynch. Hope is a co-creator of the RO DBT App for electronic diary cards and skills.

​In her clinical work, Hope is the owner of Simply RO DBT serving Colorado, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.  She specializes in overcontrolled personality disorders (Obsessive Compulsive PD, Paranoid PD, Dependent PD, Avoidant PD), eating disorders, autism spectrum disorders (special interest in female autism), and treatment-resistant disorders (depression and anxiety).

Hope completed her Intensive Training in DBT and Prolonged Exposure Therapy through Behavioral Tech. Hope is also trained in Jungian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Cognitive Processing Therapy. Hope graduated Summa Cum Laude from Loyola University in New Orleans with a BBA in marketing. She worked for two of the largest private financial and consulting firms in the world before transitioning to being a clinician. She has master’s degrees in social work from the University of Houston and psychology from Saybrook University with a concentration in Jungian studies.

Hope has presented at the local, national, and international level on topics related to DBT, RO DBT, and Jungian Theory.

Contact: Please contact Hope directly for enquiries about supervision or one-day trainings via simplyrodbt@gmail.com