On-Demand Webinar: Adapting Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Adolescents

Trainers: Kristen Fritsinger MSW, LICSW

This 90-minute on-demand webinar teaches mental health practitioners who are familiar with RO DBT how RO DBT can be adapted for adolescent clients who struggle with overcontrol.

Target Audience: It is assumed you have at least started Level 2 of the Blended Learning program or have attended Part 1 of the RO DBT Intensive training.

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Aims and Learning Objectives

Aim: The aim of this 90-minute on-demand webinar is to teach mental health practitioners who are familiar with RO DBT how the treatment can be adapted for adolescent clients. Kirsten Gilbert and Kristen Fritsinger will teach the differences and similarities between RO DBT for adults and RO DBT for adolescents, expand on teasing skills with teens, introducing a BRAND NEW fun skill, and will summarize the next steps for RO DBT for adolescents.

Learning Objectives. After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize transdiagnostic overcontrol in adolescents
  2. Identify when to use RO DBT in adolescent psychiatric populations.
  3. Apply RO DBT principles and structure for use in adolescents.
  4. Use teasing skills with adolescents in the context of RO DBT treatment.

Content Level: this interactive webinar is at the intermediate level: it is assumed that you have at least started Level 2 of the RO DBT Blended Learning program or have attended Part 1 of an RO DBT intensive training.

Target Audience: Mental health professionals who are applying RO DBT in their daily practice. We further strongly recommend that learners have at least started Level 2 of the Blended Learning program or have attended Part 1 of the RO DBT Intensive training.

Trainers: Kirsten Gilbert, PhD & Kristen Fritsinger, MSW, LICSW (see Biographies tab for more information).

Conflicts of interest: We don’t receive any direct commercial support for our training company RO DBT Online B.V. However, Dr. Thomas Lynch, the RO DBT treatment developer and chief RO DBT trainer, receives royalty fees for the RO DBT Textbook and Skills Manual from New Harbinger publishers. He is married to Mrs Erica Smith-Lynch, co-owner and director of RO DBT Online B.V. and Radically Open Ltd.

Method of Delivery: this is an on-demand webinar delivered via Zoom. You will get access to the video-recording via our online learning platform.

Accessibility: If you have any questions, need help or want to discuss accessibility issues, please contact

Trainer Biographies

Kirsten Gilbert, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, where she has a line of research identifying the developmental psychopathology of overcontrol in childhood and adolescents, including the adaptive and maladaptive cognitive, social, neural and psychiatric outcomes related to overcontrol in youth. She is also working to adapt and empirically test RO DBT in adolescents. 

Kirsten is intensively trained in RO DBT, co-facilitates a RO DBT skills class for adolescents, is the chair of the international RO DBT Research Committee and is a member of the RO DBT US senior clinician team. She is also the chair of the international RO DBT Adolescent Steering Committee, working directly with the treatment developer, Dr. Thomas Lynch on adapting RO DBT for adolescents.

Kristen Fritsinger, MSW, LICSW, is a licensed independent clinical social worker in private practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Her graduate training emphasized clinical social work, primarily mental health.  She spent 12 years working with adults who have serious and persistent mental illness, with a range of diagnoses.  In 2004, she joined and became a partner at DBT Associates, which was one of the first outpatient standard DBT clinics in Minnesota. It was also the first outpatient clinic in Minnesota providing RO DBT.  

Kristen is intensively trained in RO-DBT, is a certified RO DBT supervisor and trainer and is a member of the Adolescent Steering Committee. She provides individual RO-DBT therapy to adolescents and adults, in addition to co-facilitating a RO-DBT skills training class for adults and a class for adolescents.  She is a member of the RO-DBT US senior clinician team and was the first RO clinician in the US to become certified as a supervisor and intensive trainer.

Certificate: 1.5 CE credits

Certificate: You will receive a certificate of completion listing 1.5 CE credits provided you view the entire video, pass the knowledge quiz (80% of questions must be answered correctly) and complete the evaluation form.